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Michelle Linn-Gust, Ph.D., has been speaking around the world for fifteen years, inspiring people with stories and adventures from her life and those she has met along the way.

She offers a range of talks to fit any audience size and need. Topics Michelle has spoken on are as follows.

Navigating Life’s Transitions: Where’s My Map?
Life is never static and we never know what will be thrown at us. What we do know is that any outcomes will be determined by how we react to what happens to us. Michelle will talk about how we an embrace these transitions and find that we can peel ourselves off the ground and become stronger in the process.

A Line Here, a Line There: How to Write the Book You Keep Talking About
Most people believe they have a book in them. They also think that if they “only had the time” they would actually write that book. The reality is that none of us will ever have that those blocks of time and to make the book happen we have to organize writing around our lives. Michelle takes us on the journey of how she wrote eight books around her life and how you can too.

Who am I? Finding Our Authentic Selves
Much of life is about figuring out who we are and how we can make the most of being that person. Sometimes we get sidetracked by life though and lose ourselves in our families, our jobs, and our lives. None of us want to wake up one day and wonder who we are. Let Michelle guide you in making sure that you truly are who you are supposed to be.

Don’t Just Write Out Those Goals, Achieve Them!
What happens to that list of goals we want to accomplish? Do we find it one day buried under a stack of papers and realize that life is passing us by? Michelle learned early, mostly from her junior high and high school running career, how to set, revise, and accomplish goals. No matter how big or small your goals, Michelle will teach you the skills and give you the tools to make them happen.

Faith as a Journey of Love
There are many definitions of “faith” but mostly it’s trusting that everything in life will work out. It’s hard to have faith because it makes us feel vulnerable and out of control. But by ceasing that control, we learn that love in all aspects of our lives will come to us when we trust it.

Waiting for the Boomerang
Ceasing control in our relationships is difficult, especially for those of us who constantly want to steer the bus. We can say we let go of control but what happens after that? How do we distract ourselves and make the most of the waiting game, not to mention the fear that the boomerang might not come back? Michelle discusses ways to strengthen ourselves while we wait for someone to return to our lives.

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